Wow, how can we thank you for all you have done to help create this beautiful home!? Your diligence on every detail and help with any issues that came up was amazing and we know it was no small task! We have truly loved working with you and the whole Arcadia team and consider you to be new friends.

Thank you for keeping us apprised of every new “opportunity” and working through the best solutions together with us. You were available to us always and we know we caused you many late nights and long hours with all the many details that had to be worked through. The end result is just breathtaking!
Can’t wait to work with you again on Phase 2! Our best,
– Barb and Brian”

Below we’ve listed just a few excerpts we’ve received from some of our clients over the years. In reading their praise, we think you’ll see why so many of our clients refer us to their friends or build with us again.

Would you recommend Arcadia?


If I ever build again these are the guys that would do it. It was one of the easiest and most enjoyable experiences I have ever had! These guys are exceptional at what they do and were always there to answer any questions I had. Everything was done on time and in a professional manner.
– Andy & Rachel L.


101% yes. I have never met a finer group of guys who are incredibly knowledgeable about their industry, always responsive at any time of the day, full ofintegrity, respectable, fair and enjoyable to be around. I have already referred a family member to Arcadia and hope to forward other friends and family members in the future. As I thought before the project started and now know 2.5 years later after our 15,000 sq. foot house has been completed, “You cannot go wrong with Arcadia“. They are always here for you and will be the best builders here in Charlotte to build your dream home.
– Douglass & Shelly C.


Yes, We love our home! We enjoyed the building process. Arcadia made it low maintenance and stress free, and exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend Arcadia any chance we get.”
– Steve & Angie S.


Yes, Absolutely the best building experience we’ve ever had!!!
– Jim & Kalen H.


Yes, Absolutely. Extremely high quality, very close to cost estimates & outstanding people to work with
– Fernando A.


Yes, We had a fantastic experience working with the entire Arcadia team. Jeff set the perfect ground work with real expectation and budgets. Robby was amazingcoordinating all aspects of on site construction and sub contractors. Even six months after completions he has been available for all our questions
– Diane & Rick S.


Yes, My wife and I are extremely happy with our home. We have lived in it for 9 months. Part of my profession is to teach around the world how to high level professionals whom already carry doctorate degrees. So, my wife and I decided to grade Arcadia. Please keep in mind, I do not give out an “A” grade for effort or a “trophy for trying”!

First of all, our house is built SOLID. Very little shifting or settling.
Sounds like something obvious right? Well, not so obvious when you sit down with them and evaluate your plans on your lot. They are experienced enough to see pitfalls prior to building which helps the engineers better finalize your plans for a durable and strong finished product. Yes, I did have and independent engineer verify all their recommendations. Our personal engineer was astonished at the knowledge base of our team. GRADE – A.

Secondly, we are people who keep our word and a handshake is an honest contract. They are true to their word for sure. They were available and affable every step in the process. When problems arose, Micheal was there to resolve the situation in a professional and timely manner. We never felt a negative emotion from a subcontractor or tradesman. AJ, our foreman, was excellent at deflecting problems from the HOA to problems of subcontractors who needed to adjust or fix issues along the way. So, for keeping us free of dirt and headaches during the process, they get an A!

After closing, they still respond quickly to our calls for the few expected minor bumps which may come up. We also feel its very important they have a strong relationshipwith their subcontractors since they are expected to warranty their work. Once again,they receive top marks, an A!

Finally, In choosing a builder, We felt it was very important to choose one that wasfinancially secure. Thank god we did. We had 2 friends who lost hundreds of thousands of dollars by choosing builders with slightly better bid prices but unfortunately, they didn’t evaluate the financial situation of their builder. Here Arcadia is an A+.

Overall, they are excellent and we hope we were able to portray this to whomever is evaluating Arcadia. Remember, you do get what you pay for! Review your spec sheet carefully, Ask pricing up front and build with a reliable and professional organization. Good luck and enjoy!


Manish, Vanita, Devin and Arianna
– Manish, Vanita & Arianna P.


Other Comments Received


It is not often that we are given the opportunity to be involved with a group of people who are so committed to making the customer happy. From the beginning to the end, the craftsmanship put into our new home has been without exception, superb. As our designer would say this home is “drop dead beautiful!” – Ralph and Linda B.

We will always be grateful to you and your staff for providing us with a beautiful home exceeding all of our expectations. We couldn’t be more pleased. You set the cornerstone for an organization dedicated to providing the highest level of integrity based on your sound moral principals. When we first met to discuss all the possibilities we Harriett and I were confident we had chosen the right builder. You too our ideas and fashioned a plan to make them work, from site selection to closing it was a wonderful journey. – Mike & Harriett S.

The entire Arcadia Team worked with us at each stage of completion. We were happy with the whole experience. The key thing I have noticed since moving in is how many other homeowners wish they had used Arcadia, rather than the builder they did chose!– Bruce & Connie J.

What a beautiful home Arcadia has built for us! We are in our home within the promised 12 months and we cannot be happier. Thank you for fulfilling all your promises and contractual obligations. We had so many choices for builders and we are happy we selected Arcadia Homes. – Norma & Vincent A.

What Agents have to say:

My business depends on customer and co-broking agents happy with the house and, as importantly, with the way they were treated. Arcadia always delivers. Mike and Robby and the entire Arcadia staff have tremendous enthusiasm for what they do. I value their integrity and I appreciate their commitment to customer satisfaction. They are creative in their approach to home building from the floor plans to interior specifications. They stay in touch with market trends and they never lose touch with what buyers really want. – Mary C.

Your knowledge of every aspect of custom building makes your firm a pleasure to work with. Your staff does not overlook even the minutest detail. It is no wonder that Realtors regard you as one of the finest custom homebuilders in the area. Your knowledge of home design and building trends keeps you one step ahead of most area builders. – Judy S.

I built my personal home with Arcadia Homes in Ballantyne Country Club and I found the complete experienced to be pleasant. The company as efficient subcontractors, attentive superintendents, and owners who are hands on when they need to be. As a broker who participates in a considerable number of high end transactions each year, I can assure you that Arcadia has a sound name in the business, and an excellent reputation. – Eric E.

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